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Are you a chocaholic? Your genes could be to blame

Burgers, fries, chocolate - we know these foods are bad for our health So why are some of us incapable of cutting them from our diets? A new study suggests that our genes may be responsible


Developing effective food and nutrition policies and programmes

Eliminating hunger and malnutrition is technically feasible The means are there The challenge lies in generating the requisite political will, developing realistic policies and taking concerted actions nationally and internationally


Drinking Too Much Soda May Be Linked to Alzheimer’s

Two new scientific studies raise questions about whether both regular and diet drinks cause brain disease


9 Food Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

When you travel abroad, you need to the proper food safety practices


World’s future food security “in jeopardy” due to multiple challenges, report warns

​22 February 2017, Rome - Mankind s future ability to feed itself is in jeopardy due to intensifying pressures on natural resources, mounting inequality, and the fallout from a changing climate, warns a new report out today

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