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Food Safety Communicator’s Guide (Chinese Version) Releases

 Time:2017-02-17 14:47:56  Source:CFIC  Author:YY Men

CFIC members and Dr. Tony Flood of IFIC



The China Food Information Center(hereinafter referred to as “CFIC”)on Nov. 5 launched Chinese version of Food Safety: A Communicator’s Guide to Improving Understanding in Beijing at a workshop with the IFIC Foundation in 2016 . The Guide is intended to provide health professionals, food and nutrition stakeholders, government officials, journalists, and others a variety of tools to help with effective planning and execution of food safety risk communication through a practical, hands-on approach for communicators.

The Guide includes food safety definitions, tips on building risk communication frameworks, fact sheets on specific food safety and defense issues, guidelines for interacting with the news media, and information about food safety regulations. It has been translated into Chinese by CFIC.

Du Xiaoxi, deputy director of Department III, CFDA, Director Gao Yanmin  of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Director-General Cheng Jingen of MOA, Vice Department Director Zhang Leishi of NHFPC, Vice Director-General Yu Wenjun of AQSIQ, Deputy Director Zhong Kai of CFSA, Chief Advisor Bao Dayue of CFIC, Vice Secretary Gegeral Ma Yong of China Food Industry Association, General Manager Yao Zhujun of Infinits Company, Reporter Hong Guangyu of Beijing Science and Technology News, and other leaders and experts attended the meeting. Also, the Chief Manager Dr. Tony Flood of IFIC was kindly invited to participate in the seminar.

In the afternoon, Dr. Tony Flood was also invited to visit CFIC office located in Beijing, and gave many good advice to improve methods of communication on food safety.