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2016 CFIC Board Meeting Convened in Beijing

 Time:2017-02-17 16:25:35  Source:CFIC  Author:YY Men
China Food and Information Center (CFIC) convened its 2016 Board Meeting on Jan. 17, 2017, focusing on the disscussion of work review for the year 2016 and work plan for the year 2017.
Over 30 experts from CFSA,CFDA, NHFPC etc. and 40 representatives from both national and international ranking top 500 enterprises were invited to participate in this meeting.
The participants variously gave significantly important advice on the work CFIC should consider making efforts to do in 2017 during the discussion.
Finally, the Chairman of CFIC Prof. Chen Junshi showed great expectation for the new generation of CFIC. He pointed out, CFIC would continue to depend on the scientists, build the third-party food safety risk exchange platform suitable to the Chinese current situation and actively explore the third-party platform information sharing mechanism.