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2017 China and New Zealand Food Safety Forum held in Auckland
Date:2017-03-02 17:04:53 From:CFIC Author:YY Men Key word: New Zealand Food Safety Forum
Opening Remarks

During February 20-22, 2017, “2017 China and New Zealand Food Safety Forum” sponsored by China Food Information Center(hereinafter referred to as “CFIC”)was held in Auckland successfully, focusing on the in-depth discussion of the topics related to the domestic and New Zealand Food Safety Supervision, Standard System, Quality Management, Registration Management of Imported Food and Overseas Enterprises, etc., there were altogether  200-odd persons having attending this conference.
Representatives from China made up by several governmental officers and famous experts from China Food and Drug Administration, AQSIQ, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, National Research Center of Dairy Engineering and Technology, etc.
Representatives from New Zealand consist of leaders and experts who are working for Minister for Food Safety in New Zealand, New Zealand Food Safety College, New Zealand MP, the Foreign Affairs Defense and Trade Select Committee of the New Zealand Parliament, Asure Quality, MPI, Infant Nutrition Council, etc. 

David Bennett, Minister for New Zealand Food Safety

Zhang Jing, Director General, Department of Food Safety Supervision I, CFDA


Cheng Jingen, Deputy Director-General, Bureau of Quality and Safety Supervision for Agri-foods, Ministry of Agriculture

 Zhang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director-General, Department of Food Safety Standards, Risk Surveillance and Assessment, NHFPC

Wang Hongbing, Deputy Director General, AQSIQ

At the seminar, David Bennett who is in charge of Ministry for New Zealand Food Safety and both of Jami-Lee Ross and Dr.Yang Jian who are New Zealand MP delivered a keynote speech. After that, Director-General Zhang Jing, Deputy Director-General Cheng Jingen, Deputy Director Zhang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director-General Wang Hongbing respectively made wonderful speeches on behalf of CFDA, Ministry of Agriculture, NHFPC, and AQSIQ., focusing on the domestic and New Zealand food safety issues. 
Wei Mingfeng, Vice Director, China Food Information Center
Wei Mingfeng, Deputy Director-General of CFIC, took CFIC as an example and emphatically introduced the background and significance related to the exploration of CFIC as the third party platform for the risk exchange. He pointed out, CFIC would continue to depend on the scientists, build the third-party food safety risk exchange platform suitable to the Chinese current situation and actively explore the third-party platform information sharing mechanism.
 Todd Muller, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Defense and Trade Select Committee of the New Zealand Parliament

Leone Basher, Market Access Counsellor, Policy & Trade Branch, MPI

Zhang Fan, Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in New Zealand

Jan Carey, CEO, Infant Nutrition Council

Todd Muller, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Defense and Trade Select Committee of the New Zealand Parliament, Leone Basher, Market Access Counsellor for MPI, Jan Carey who is the CEO of Infant Nutrition Council, and other officials and counselors who are proficient in Food Safety respectively illustrated relative topics on New Zealand food safety national standards, food safety monitoring, food safety information communication, food safety strategy fully.

Chen Junshi, Chief Advisor, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment
At last, Chen Junshi, Chief Advisor, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, made the summary speech at the seminar, also pointing out, CFIC would make further efforts in promoting the food safety supervision and management work in the next step by building the reliable food safety information exchange third-party platform to do our bit in boosting the national food safety work. It is believed that with the joint efforts made by all sectors of society (governments, experts, third-party, enterprises and consumers) among the world, China’s food safety work as well as bilateral trade between countries will be highly improved. 

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